Valuing your property

Our property valuations are always carried out by a qualified, senior member of our sales team. They hold a wealth of knowledge of both local and national markets.

All appraisals are prepared and supported by recent sales of relevant comparable properties in your area to ensure we propose an accurate asking price in order to achieve the best possible sale price during your house sale.

“The key to a successful sale is ensuring your home is marketed at the correct asking price”

The key to a successful sale is ensuring your home is marketed at the correct asking price. Too high and the property is unlikely to sell, too low and the property is likely to be undersold. The hardest part of any proposed house sale is ensuring the best price is achieved without discouraging your buyer by proposing an unrealistic sale price.

You could potentially miss out on negotiating thousands more if you get it wrong, so don’t always pick the agent with the cheapest fee! Remember, most “high street” agents don’t charge commission upfront. In our opinion, an agent that fights for every penny to get the best possible price is better than an agent that already has their fee before your home is even sold!

Preparing to sell

We believe there are six key areas to consider before placing your property on the market.


The following documentation will be required.

  1. Guarantees – copies of guarantees for works carried out at the property i.e. timber, damp, structural, etc.
  2. Proof of remedial works carried out
  3. Copies of service guarantees i.e. boiler maintenance
  4. Title Deeds. Your solicitor acting on behalf of the previous conveyance should have these.
  5. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This is a legal requirement.
  6. Property Information Form. This is a legal requirement and should be provided by your estate agent.


We advise that you contact your solicitor when you first put your property on the market. Most sellers do this when a sale has been agreed but on occasions, this can lead to delays due to the lack of information being readily available for the purchaser’s solicitor, which can be frustrating if you have agreed to negotiate a relatively quick sale. We also recommend you use a local solicitor. All our offices are able to recommend local, knowledgeable solicitors that are able to assist you in the conveyancing process.

Money Laundering

In order to comply with Money Laundering Regulations, we are required by law to hold ID verification on record for all our clients.

Essential Repairs

It is important that your property is looking its best to ensure your property stands out from the rest. Below are key areas in the home that most buyers look out for.


  • Replace any damages / slipped tiles or loose flashing.
  • Check flat roof coverings as they tend to have a more of a limited lifespan than traditional pitched roofs.
  • Make sure gutters are not blocked or loose.
  • Check the roof space/ loft for any obvious signs of disrepair i.e. rotten timbers. This is often forgotten about but will always be inspected on the survey.

Doors & Windows

  • Check for condensation within the panes.
  • Check for rot on timber-framed units.
  • Make sure the door locks work properly. This is a major inconvenience for purchasers and we don’t want to cancel viewings. Try using WD-40 or arrange for a locksmith to change the locks. It’s not as costly as you may think.


  • Wiring – Electric wiring does wear out and should be tested every five years
  • Plumbing – Central heating and boilers should be serviced annually. This is essential to ensure your boiler is still covered by any warranties.


If you are concerned about potential movement within your home we advise you contact a specialist building surveyor or structural engineer. For further information on the right type of survey required please visit


If you are concerned about dampness or condensation we advise you appoint a specialist damp and timber contractor. Costs usually range from £60 – £100.


Let your mortgage provider know that you’re considering selling and find out if there are any penalties/early repayment charges.

Check the redemption figure – the amount that is still outstanding on your loan. This may have a significant impact on your sale and whether you are able to sell especially if it’s higher than the recommended sale price.

Speak to a mortgage broker to see what you can afford – on your resale (if applicable). If you’re upsizing or relocating to a more valuable area you may be able to afford more than you realise.

All our offices have details of independent mortgage brokers that can provide you with impartial advice.

Related Purchase (Your Next Move)

Start searching for properties that you may be interested in acquiring. You don’t want to rush your related purchase especially if your sale is dependent on a quicker proposed completion. In some instances, sales have fallen through as a result of the seller not being in a position to move.

We know you’re worried that you may fall in love with a home that you are not ready to purchase, but as the saying goes, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!”.

Astleys are also able to help you with your proposed purchase and we are happy to include you on our bespoke matching list to ensure you don’t miss out on an opportunity to purchase your next ideal home.

Presenting your property for viewings

“The first impression is usually before the buyer steps through your front door”

We suggest you consider the following before the all-important viewing.

First Impressions/ “Kerb Appeal”

A clean front door and clutter-free entrance will give an excellent first impression. We would even say that this is something that should be done prior to marketing to ensure success of arranging a viewing request. The first impression is usually before the buyer steps through your front door.


Clean windows and drawn back curtains are essential for maximising natural light. Ensure all light bulbs work and consider using lamps to add warmth or an extra charm to the room. Although they are more expensive than a standard light bulb try using light bulbs that have a built-in range of light settings, you’ll be surprised by the difference.


Appropriate temperature for the seasons will always give a good impression. You don’t want to conduct a viewing in a cold house during the winter and similarly a stuffy room during the summer. This should also help with condensation.


This can be a big hindrance for prospective purchasers. Regular cleaning is essential. It takes a very short time for dust and dirt to collect on window sills, furniture, etc.

Garden / External Areas

Gardens should be well maintained, tidy, and free from obstructions as this is one of the key selling points, especially if you own an ideal family home.


We understand that most of us have very busy lifestyles but this is considered to be one of the most off-putting issues that buyers face. If you don’t have time try purchasing storage boxes, throw everything in and then store them in the cupboard and try not to leave the dirty dishes in the sink.

What we do to ensure success

At Astleys we appoint a dedicated, independent marketing firm who work closely with your local sales offices. We recognise that along with an experienced sales team it is important that your home is showcased to its full potential to ensure success.

“We recognise that properties often require a fresh marketing approach to ensure success.”

Photography and Floor Plans

When selling it is important that your home is present in the best possible light. We have a team of qualified individuals who are experts in capturing the correct property features. We also construct detailed indicative floor plans (both 2D and 3D) for all our properties.

Virtual Viewings

As discussed previously, we go a step further and provide 360o images of every room to maximise your chances of a potential viewing. Please note that this service is at an extra cost of £100 but is only payable when the property is sold or subsequently withdrawn. This is a really good marketing tool and we would strongly advise that you look at our existing case studies.


We combine well-written property descriptions with photography and floor plans to ensure prospective purchasers have everything they need before an appointment is arranged.

The Internet

We know that 90% of purchasers start their property search online. We, therefore, use a number of digital marketing techniques to ensure your property can be seen by as many prospective purchasers as possible. All our properties are listed on our website as well as leading portals such as Zoopla and On The Market.

Social media

We are noticing that more effective marketing enquiries are generated from popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We have therefore appointed a specialist digital media agency to optimise our marketing exposure and ensure all our social media pages are relevant and engage with prospective purchasers.

Purchaser Network

We maintain a central database of potential purchasers, which is shared with all our sales offices. Your property will be matched out to these potential purchasers so we don’t even need to wait for the phone to ring. We will always be searching for that all-important prospective purchaser. We also have long-standing relationships with established investors should your home be ideally suited for a buy-to-let investment opportunity.

For Sale Boards

Although 90% of purchasers look online when making initial enquiries there is still up to 10% that don’t! We want to make sure you are covering 100% of the market. For sale boards are still a very effective marketing tool for sellers. You may entice a purchaser that is not actively looking online but would consider a specific area, especially if it’s on their way to work.

Office Windows

Many of our enquiries come from potential purchasers walking into our offices. We therefore regularly update our window displays with the latest listings. We even have a digital touch screen situated at our local Morriston branch, which can be viewed 24/7.

Astleys Brand Advertising

In addition, we ensure that we invest heavily in brand advertising and local community sponsorship to ensure we are able to engage with the local market and understand the needs of these prospective purchasers. Our brand presence is designed to put Astleys to the front of their mind for anyone looking to purchase a property.

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