Thank you for choosing Astleys Lettings to assist with your property search. Please feel free to use the search bar to narrow down your options so that you can see if what properties might suit your needs.

Alternatively, please contact 01792 702007 or click this link for a callback and we will do the matching for you.

What you need to know about renting from us

We will ask you a series of questions when taking your details in order to book a viewing. This is to make sure that we can match you to the properties which most closely suit your requirements. You can view up to three different properties with us before making an application. To ensure we show you the right ones, we will need the information provided during registration to be clear.

Can you afford the property you are looking at?

Use this calculation to work out if you can afford the rent plus the associated costs of running a property:

Rent x 2.5 x 12
(Example: £650.00 x 2.5 x 12 = £19500)

This gives you the sum you will need to earn per year (before tax). It can be shared between you and your partner or the person you are sharing with but the total income for the adults in the house must be more than this sum.

Applying for your selected property

We will ask you to pay a refundable holding deposit in line with the new legislation. Rather than calculate this based on rent, we have gone for fixed amounts. A property with a rent of £500.00pcm or less generates a refundable holding deposit of £75.00, a property with rent above that amount generates a refundable holding deposit of £100.00. This sum is your commitment to the property and is held separately until you move in when it will be applied to your first month rent. Please note: a refundable holding deposit is not a security deposit which must be paid separately.

Once this refundable holding deposit is paid, we aim to complete your application and move in within 2 weeks with the option to extend this date up to 4 weeks by agreement. You will need to ensure that you provide your application paperwork within 3 days to ensure we can meet this deadline.

Please note that this deposit is refundable. However, if you provide false or misleading information on your application forms, we reserve the right to retain this sum. More information on what is considered false or misleading information is provided within the Tenants Terms of Business and you can also ask us about this when you view the property.


We will ask you to sign a Terms of Business Agreement with us – click here for a copy. We will also ask you to complete a Homelet referencing form, you will need to provide as much information on this form as possible to help with your referencing, this includes providing clear information about any adverse credit you have, your employment and current addresses.

We will also ask you to provide photo ID and proof of UK residence. Click here for the Terms of Business Agreement which gives the lists of acceptable documentation you can use. Please ring us if you have any queries.

Finally you must have been resident in the UK for more than six months to have an open credit history file. Referencing takes approximately 7-10 days to include preparation of the paperwork needed for your tenancy start.

You can ring us at any time to check on progress or if you have a query and we will let you know if your employer or current landlord aren’t responding to us or Homelet.


Based on your income or circumstances, you may need a guarantor. If you do, the rent calculation for them is

Rent x 3 x 12
(Example: 650 x 3 x 12 = £23400)

Your guarantor will also need to read and sign the Terms of Business, provide ID and proof of residence and complete a Homelet application form.

Move in day

All applicants and guarantors will need to attend the move in appointment. If you can’t make it on move in day, you will need to visit beforehand to sign the relevant documentation. We need an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement signed by all tenants and your first month’s rent and deposit
paid in cleared funds (cheques are not accepted as these are not cleared funds). You can make payment by card on the day if you wish.

If you guarantor has not visited previously, they need to attend on move in day.

[Rent Smart Wales Renters Guide? Put this here or leave and provide at the point of move in]

Regular property visits

After you move in, we will let you know about regular property visits by email so please keep your contact details up to date with us. The first will be within 4-6 weeks of the start of your tenancy and then every three months thereafter. This is a way for us to check on any maintenance required at the
property and ensure you are adhering to the terms of your tenancy agreement

Tenant Default Fees (all inc VAT)

The Tenant must pay a default fee of £30.00 (£25.00 +VAT) where the Agent is required to chase late rent payments or arrears.

The Tenant must pay a default fee of £30.00 (£25.00 +VAT) where the Agent has to attend the property out of hours (office hours are 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday).

The Tenant must pay the cost of a missed contractor appointment where this appointment has been pre-arranged with the tenant. This fee is dependant on the contractor but is capped at £48.00 (£40.00 plus VAT).

The tenant must pay a default fee of £30.00 (£25.00 +VAT) if the Landlord/Agent are required to arrange new keys (if tenants keys are lost or stolen).