As of 23rd November 2015, Welsh Government require that all landlords within the private rented sector in Wales are registered with the Rent Smart Wales Scheme.

This means that you register yourself and your property then specify if you manage the property yourself or have an agent who does this. The aim of this scheme is to raise standards in the private rented sector (PRS) by generating an active database of all the properties and landlords in the PRS in Wales. More information about the scheme can be found at

Registration is £33.50 for yourself and any number of properties. If you put your property or properties with us on our Managed Service, that’s all you need to do. You can complete this by clicking through on the attached link:

Click here to Register Now

This will take you straight through to the registration page but also allows you to navigate to frequently asked questions about the scheme.

If you manage your properties yourself, you will also need to complete a Rent Smart Wales approved course to be certified as a “fit and proper person” and then apply for your own licence. The online application fee for this is £144.00 and one licence will cover all of your properties.

Astleys Lettings have a licence which is valid until May 2022.

Find out More – Download Guide

We are fully compliant and request that when instructing us, you ensure that you are too. Please feel free to ask us any questions if you are unsure about this scheme.