Wherever possible we would always advise any prospective buyer to attend the auction to bid. However, when this is not possible, the prospective buyer may be able to bid for a property subject to completion of the relevant proxy/telephone bidding forms.

1. A proxy bidder is where a buyer cannot attend an auction in person and appoints a third party, whether that be the auctioneer, a friend or relative to bid for the relevant lot on behalf of the buyer. As legally it is the bidder that exchanges contracts in the purchase at ‘the fall of the hammer’ it is important that the buyer and bidder have their respective positions protected by the signing of a proxy bidder form.

2. We therefore advise that you read our terms and conditions for proxy and telephone bidding and ensure you comply with these requirements.

3. Where third parties are to act on your behalf we would advise it to be prudent for you to fill out the proxy bidding form (and Memorandum form as best you can) and your bidder should present the form and memorandum at the legal desk if they are successful on your behalf in bidding for the property. Information relating to the seller etc will be added to the memorandum at signing.

4. Whether you would like a third party or a representative of Astleys to act on your behalf in bidding by proxy or by telephone on your behalf please note:

  • Proxy and telephone bidders shall be considered to have inspected the property, seen all conditions of sale and notices relating to the lot and have full knowledge of changes even where late alterations are made that remote bidders cannot possibly have seen.
  • Proxy and telephone bidders should provide a cheque for the deposit made out to us as agents. Together with the proxy bidding form and cheque should also be evidence of proof of funds which could form a banker’s reference or copy of a statement or investment account.
  • Proxy and telephone bidders will also need to provide a cheque made out to Astleys in the sum of £150 plus VAT representing the buyer’s premium.

5. When Astleys are requested to bid by proxy or by telephone please note that:

  • Proxy and telephone bidders may, in writing only, at any time up to the commencement of the auction in which the particular lot is to be sold withdraw the auctioneer’s authority to bid. It is the prospective buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the auctioneer personally receives such instructions and you should check and ensure that such instructions have been received.
  • Unless the relevant lot is sold to the prospective proxy/telephone bidder, the amount of the prospective buyers bid will not be disclosed to the seller or any other person before, during or after the sale without the consent of the proxy/telephone buyer.
  • It should be noted that the auctioneer reserves the right to bid for the seller up to the reserve price for a particular lot.
  • The auctioneer will not accept liability whatsoever for any bid not being made on behalf of a prospective buyer whether it is through a lack of clarity of instructions or for any other reason whatsoever.
  • Telephone bidders will be contacted half an hour before the auction’s commencement to ensure a good signal is received and prospective purchasers will need to be available by that telephone up to an hour after the time that the auction is advertised to commence. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that they are located in a place where a sufficiently strong clear signal will be available at the time of the auction when mobile phones are being used.

Download Astleys Proxy Bidding Form