Building Surveying

Astleys is also a well respected firm of Chartered Surveyors and is fully aware of the importance of property to both individuals and companies alike. Our Building Surveyors are able to provide sound professional advice and assistance with a range of building surveying services, relating to both new and existing properties whether residential, commercial or industrial.

Building Surveys

A Building Survey is a comprehensive inspection and report and is suitable for all types of domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

A detailed examination will be carried out of all accessible and visual parts of the building fabric with detailed technical advice given on the form of construction, the presence of and likely cause of defects found to be present with advice given on appropriate remedial works or further investigation thought necessary.

The inspection and report can be tailored to suit particular needs, for example, where adaptations may be proposed and, subject to approval, can include estimates for remedial works and an opinion on the value of the property in question.

We can assist in the appointment of other specialists to undertake, for example, inspections and tests of the service installations, asbestos surveys etc.

Schedules of Condition and Dilapidation

Schedules of Condition
A Schedule of Condition is a detailed record of the current condition of the building fabric to a property. This is often required to record the condition of a commercial or industrial property at the commencement of a lease or of any form of property prior to building works being undertaken nearby which may affect the subject property. A detailed written and photographic record will be provided for future comparison purposes.

Schedules of Dilapidations
Dilapidations issues will arise with leasehold properties, both during and at the expiration of the lease. We have extensive experience of providing advice to both landlords and tenants on repairing liabilities contained within leases and in the inspection of properties and preparation or consideration of Schedules of Dilapidations. We are also able to arrange for appropriate remedial works or to negotiate an appropriate financial settlement on behalf of either a landlord or tenant.

Party Wall Issues

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 covers various work to be carried out directly to an existing party wall or structure, a new building or extension at or astride the boundary line between properties and excavation within 3 to 6 metres of a neighbouring building(s) or structure(s) depending on the depth of the hole or proposed foundations.

We are able to provide initial advice as to whether or not a matter is considered to fall within the Act, following which we can serve the relevant Notices required to comply with the Act.

Should you receive a Party Wall Notice from a building owner, we are able to provide advice relating to the Notice and act as a Party Wall Surveyor on your behalf.

Following service or receipt of a Party Wall Notice we can then take an appointment to act to ensure that the works proceed, whilst ensuring the rights and the property of an adjoining owner are properly protected in accordance with the Act.

Defect Diagnosis

Defect Diagnosis Surveys are undertaken to identify specific defects within a building. Such surveys can be undertaken to identify problems of dampness, condensation or defects relating to the building fabric e.g. to roofs, walls, wall finishes, windows, doors etc.

We can arrange for samples to be taken and tested to determine the presence of defective cement render, floor screeds, asbestos and much more.

The survey and report can be tailored to meet the client’s specific needs e.g. set out to enable builders estimates to be obtained for required remedial works.

Property Repair and Maintenance and Insurance Works

We are able to provide advice on the maintenance and repair of domestic, commercial or industrial properties, whether as part of the drawing up and application of a planned maintenance programme or to rectify problems which have come to light.

Through appropriate investigation, advice will be given on necessary remedial works and, where necessary, a detailed Specification and Schedule of Works can be drawn up, competitive builders quotations obtained and management and inspection of the work on site undertaken by our experienced Building Surveyors.

Insurance Works

As Building Surveyors, can advise on the extent of damage, assess the remedial repair works required and help negotiate a claim with the Loss Adjuster appointed by the Insurance Company. We are able to undertake the required inspection of the property, prepare any necessary plans and draw up a Specification and Schedule of Works in order to obtain quotations before the remedial works are sanctioned. We can then manage the work through to satisfactory completion.

Measured Surveys and Plan Preparation

Plans are required for various purposes to identify the existing floor layouts and elevations of buildings. This may be for leases, planning and building regulation applications, identification of refurbishment or repair works etc.

In order to produce scaled plans, a measured survey of the building, both internally and externally, is required. Measurements are taken utilising manual and the latest electronic distance measurement techniques.

Plans are then produced via computer aided design so that they can be easily adapted and detailed for any specific use.

Refurbishment and Extension

Our Building Surveying Department has extensive expertise in the design and adaptation of existing buildings, whether it be internal refurbishment, alteration or extension of an existing building.

From time to time funds are available from Local Authorities for repair, improvement and adaptation of commercial and industrial properties. We are able to investigate the potential availability of grant funding and to submit and co-ordinate grant applications in conjunction with professional advice on and administration of the building works.

Planning and Building Regulations Applications

Planning Matters

Our Building Surveying Department is able to prepare and submit planning applications for change of use, outline or full planning approval. We are able to provide a full service from the preparation of the necessary plans, planning application forms and access statements through to the submission of the application to the Local Authority Planning Department.

Building Regulations

As Building Surveyors dealing with the adaptation and refurbishment of existing buildings and the extension and construction of new properties, we are required to remain up to date with the constantly changing Building Regulations.

We are able to provide advice to clients and prepare and submit Building Regulation Applications including the preparation and submission of necessary plans to the Local Authority Building Control Department, prior to works commencing on site.

Project Management and Contract Administration

In addition to planning and building regulations matters, our Building Surveying team provide project management and contract administration services in respect of building works. These services, which can be tailored to suit an individual client’s specific requirements, include the preparation of working drawings and detailed Specifications and Schedules of Work, advice on contractors and other specialists, competitive tendering procedures, advice on and preparation of contract documentation and the management and administration of building works on site, including regular inspection of work in progress and certification of the standard of work and payment due to the contractor.

Expert Witness Reports for Boundary and Building Matters

Our experienced Building Surveyors are able to provide sound technical and impartial advice in respect of boundary related matters and building disputes. Where necessary, Expert Reports can be prepared in contemplation of or in conjunction with legal disputes and claims.

Building Insurance Reinstatement

Our team of Building Surveyors are able to undertake property and plan inspection and measurement and are able to provide up to date building cost reinstatement valuations for domestic, commercial or industrial buildings based upon up to date building cost data.

New Build Certification

It is a recommendation where a builder’s warranty is not available for the construction of a new build house, that certification is provided for the construction by a qualified professional. The value and saleability of a property can be significantly adversely affected if such a certificate is not in place. Our Building Surveyors will inspect at various critical stages during the course of construction and will issue a final certificate upon satisfactory completion of the property backed by our firm’s Professional Indemnity Insurance.